Generally, a desiring philanthropist can assist the trust – in turn the needy students – by contributing:

1. Directly to the Help Education Trust

  • Funds of the NGO have been placed in Account No. 01-200-2415-5 with Allied Bank EME Multan Road Lahore (Pakistan) Barcode: 0140634

2. Handpicking a student from Help Education's student database and take ownership of his/her educational funding on a monthly basis

In interest of openness and to entertain any questions the contributors may have, Help Education affirms full and complete disclosure of its student lists, numbers of funded students at any point in time, amount of funds allocated to the students and time period of such guarantees based on eligibility criteria.

If you are a needy student, you can help yourself:-

  • By getting a sponsorship from one of the philanthropists registered with the "Help Education" particulars of whom can be had from the NGO
  • By getting an interest free loan (Qarza-e-Hasna) from the NGO to be returned after a specified period.
  • BY getting direct financial assistance for completing the studies on the commitment that when you start earning respectable living, you will provide similar sponsorship/assistance to one or more needy students registered with the "Help Education Trust"

If you are an ordinary citizen, you can help society:

  • 1. By providing help/access to poor talented boys & girls to approach "Help Education".
  • 2. By diverting the talent, likely to go waste in your knowledge/locality, to HET.
  • 3. By motivating other, to join HE to help each other.

If you are a member or head of an educational institution, you can help your students in promoting the cause of education:

  • 1. By sending to HE the names of really deserving but talented students.
  • 2. By informing the NGO whenever and wherever you come across the misuse of facilities provided by HE.

In case more details are needed, please tab to Contact us section so that we may answer any questions / confusions you may still have.