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There is no dearth of resources in Pakistan. The problem lies in the lack of machinery and trustworthy forums to exploit, channelize and utilize these resources in the best possible manner. Its manpower is versatile and enterprising but the talent among the boys and girls between the age of 15 to 25 years is not tapped properly and their genuine energies go waste.

Majority of them cannot carry on their studies due to financial constraints and other social / economic factors despite their keen desire to go for higher education. On the other side, there are many people who are spending their money for the welfare of humanity but at a personal level due to absence of credible institutions. Every true Muslim is paying zakat but individually. People would prefer to spend welfare money through an organization which can guarantee the use of money for the purpose it is given. So, despite a definite need for providing financial assistance to talented young boys and girls and despite the availability of philanthropists who can easily meet this need, there is / was hardly any trustworthy forum which could provide a link between the needy and those who can fulfill the need. "Help Education" has been established to provide the missing link.

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